sky-faqSky offers a broad array of entertainment services for personal home use, and this ranges from an extensive selection of quality television packages to high-speed broadband and telephone connections. The following are several of the most frequent questions affecting general customers of Sky, most of whom need to phone the Sky contact number at least once every few months.

Am I able to get Sky installed into my home?

Most people are able to get Sky services installed, and the general requirements to apply are to be resident within the United Kingdom and over 18 years of age. It should also be noted that installation decisions can be influenced if there is a bad credit history or a previous debt with Sky. Contact Sky now to find out more or to apply.

I’m experiencing problems with my Sky services, how can I rectify this problem?

If there are issues with any of the services Sky provides, it’s always best to contact Sky’s customer service to inform then of any problems, and to also find out how long the services will be disrupted for. 

Can I transfer my all of my Sky services to my new address?

It’s possible to transfer all of your packages directly to a new address by using Sky Move. Usually the minimum of 2 weeks notice is required prior to moving, although booking with Sky Move can be done up to 90 days in advance. There may be installation costs to consider when moving home, although it’s advised to contact Sky by telephone and discuss more in-depth about receiving the services at the new home. 

How can I add additional television packages to my Sky HD box?

Adding either additional packages to the television service or applying for any extra Sky services can be easily achieved just by phoning Sky. Just inform them of any television upgrades to be added to a service, but please bear in mind that costs will vary depending on which additional services are added.

I usually pay a set amount every month and for some reason my bill is more expensive this time, why is that?

There could be several reasons why this could have occurred. It could be that a contract has expired and now a new rate applies for the use of these services, another reason could be the package has been changed or upgraded. The only real way to find out exactly why there are alterations of charges to account is to contract Sky directly.