Sky Departments

Sky DepartmentsThe British Sky Broadcasting Group is one of UK’s largest communications and home entertainment company. It also provides services in Ireland. This firm was formed out of the belief that people need choices with their TV channels, entertainment as well as communications. The company has grown over time and become one of the leading news and entertainment companies as well as a major player in the telecommunications sector. This is why the phone number for Sky is believed to be the most contact numbers around.

One of the biggest products from this firm is Sky TV. Over 10.5 million families across Ireland and the UK enjoy Sky TV multi-channel platform. There are over 500 radio and TV channels that customers can choose from. The firm also offers broadband Internet services to its customers. Home Internet services are now readily available with over 5.1 million customers using these services currently. Phone services are also a huge part of this firm. Phone services from Sky include mobile phone services and landline telephony services.

Contacting the Company

Customers of Sky can contact the company’s various departments within the areas where they are located. UK customers can call the UK numbers while Irish customers should call the local customer services departments depending on the services they are interested in. 

Sky TV 

Customers can contact the Sky TV customer services desk at 0843 487 1803. The number to call for those interested in Sky TV services is 0843 487 1803. 

The web address for this is

The corporate address for mailing of documents is,

British Sky Broadcasting
Grant Way, Isleworth, TW7 5QD
Email address: 

Sky Broadband

Sky broadband offers a wide variety of services including broadband Internet access, access to Sky Hub services, the very fast fibre optic Internet access and remote wireless Internet. There are many different packages that customers can choose. They include broadband unlimited and fibre unlimited. 

Sky Mobile

Sky offers excellent mobile services which include plenty of mobile content such as apps. Over 18 million downloads of Sky apps have been downloaded so far, showing how popular the media content provided is. Sky Talk on the other hand is a home communication service. This provides customers with opportunities to make calls from the home telephone. With fair pricing and low costs, customers have an excellent choice for their regular telephone service including local, regional and International calls. These are just some of the services offered by Sky to its customers in the UK and all across Ireland.