Sky Customer Services – 0843 487 1803

Sky Customer ServicesMany homes in the UK and Ireland subscribe Sky’s comprehensive services in entertainment and communication. In order to meet the needs of all these users, Sky has set up various departments that work together to ensure total customer satisfaction. Among these is the Sky customer services department which can be contacted for more information on these questions, or any other. 

Are audio descriptions a must pay?

When a programme or film is going on, its actions can be described further though an additional commentary known as audio description. It helps to compliment the real soundtrack and thus the TV programmes on Sky can also be enjoyed by the visually impaired. This service is freely offered by Sky with their Set top boxes and can simply be activated through the services menu. If this turns out to be hard, then one should visit their site for the step by step instructions. On top of this is the Sky customer services number which is readily available to everyone in need of help.

How does one set up the subtitles?

Dialogues can be represented in written form as subtitles. They normally appear in a synchronized manner with the soundtrack and thus viewers with hearing problems have the opportunity to understand better what is being said. The setup process, however, varies with the type of set box. Customers have to two options with this kind of service, to have them switched on in one programme or to completely have them activated.

Is there a new remote control?

Sky has developed two remote controls for their viewers, the Bubble back and Strap version remote. On the battery door of the Strap version is a handle which allows the user to have a better grip. On the hand, Bubble back’s battery door is more tactical and thus holding it is easier. People with visual impairment have also been favoured by this remote as its buttons have been raised and also have large text. Those who would like to have either of these remotes can get them freely by contacting the Sky customer services department.

Is it possible to get correspondence in a different format?

Sky provides correspondence in three different formats, Large Print, Braille and Audio CD. It is therefore possible to get transcribed invoices and letters in either of these formats. Any user can do this by calling the Sky customer services number and making the request.