Sky Complaints – 0843 487 1803

Sky ComplaintsSky is a leading satellite broadcasting, telephone, and broadband services company in the U.K. offering pay-per-view TV channels and many subscription packages. The firm has a strong customer support team, to process Sky complaints. These are mainly done through the Sky phone number.

Common Complaint Issues

The most common Sky complaints relate to incorrect billing, not cancelling direct debit, disputes on application of tariffs, dispute on increase in tariffs, charges after cancellation of service, unauthorised debits from credit card, disputes on premium rate charges, and faulty products.

How to Complain

Regardless of the reason for complaint, customers may call the Sky complaints number and talk to a customer service advisor. The advisors are available from 6am to midnight on all days.

The customer service advisor aims to resolve the complaint even when the customer is on hold. If the complaint requires specialist knowledge, the call is transferred to a specialist advisor with the right expertise. If the specialist agent is unable to resolve the complaint at that time, the customer is offered a possible time-frame to resolve the complaint. The maximum time-frame in normal circumstances is ten days, and loss of service complaints are given priority.

Sky Customer Complaints Code of Practice

Sky has a formal complaints procedure in place. If the customer is not satisfied with the resolution offered by the customer support team, the customer may use the Sky complaints number to seek a review of the complaint. The customer is informed of the decision of the review once it is done.

Sky may issue compensation for valid complaints, in specific cases, such as delay in transferring the telephone number to Sky.


If the complaint pertains to Sky Broadband, Sky Talk, Sky TV, and the customer is not satisfied with the review, or the review is not concluded within eight weeks, he or she may appeal to the Ombudsman Services: Communications. This is an independent alternative dispute resolution scheme, and Sky is obliged to heed to the decision of the Ombudsman. 

Customers with complaints regarding premium rate charges applied to the phone bill or pre-paid account, or promotion of such services, may appeal to PhonepayPlus, the independent regulatory body for this issue.

Customers with complaints on Sky TV demand programme services may appeal to The Authority for Television On Demand (ATVOD), the independent body that regulates the editorial content of on demand programme services. 

Customers with Sky complaints on advertisements may complain directly to the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), who regulates advertisements in the U.K.